Galaxy Dance Screensaver

Galaxy Dance Screensaver

From you desktop, you can observe some strange dancing galaxies

Galaxies are clusters of stars, planets, cosmic dust, gas and other elements. There are several types of galaxies according to their form, such as spirals, elliptical or irregulars. It is said that it may be intelligent life in many of them.
This screensaver is an attempt to render the movement and changing shapes of the galaxies. Unfortunately, the effort is unsuccessful since the rendering is not realistic at all. The stars and planets that constitute the galaxies are represented by a series of hollow, multi-colored spheres, more akin to soap lather. Also, the colors are too lurid and can be annoying for some persons.
Unlike other screensavers, this one has a control panel which can be accessed from the screensaver itself and not from the Screen Properties menu. With it, you can modify the intensity of the colors and set some other properties, such as the quality of the graphics, the rendering speed and the image size. Also, you can set some effects such a kaleidoscope.
All in all, this is a multi-colored version of Space Flight, the default Windows screensaver, but with a little more bells and whistles. Use it at your own risk.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Not realistic at all
  • Can be annoying
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